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What’s happening at the world’s largest mosque?

The world’s most populous Muslim nation, Saudi Arabia, is set to inaugurate a mosque on the edge of the desert in the hopes of spreading Islam’s holy texts to the world.The Saudi government says the mosque, built on the ruins of a 2,500-year-old palace, will be a place for the people to meet and worship.It

Why does the Syrian city of Homs have a mosque?

Jumeirahs mosque is one of several mosques in the Syrian capital which is often used by religious minorities, including members of the Assyrian Christian community.It is situated on the northern edge of Homs, on a road that is dotted with small houses and shops.There is a mosque in each of the city’s neighbourhoods, including the

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What’s happening with the largest mosque in the world?

It’s not a question of whether mosques are building or not.It’s a question about whether they are growing.The number of mosques in the United States, for example, has increased from about 3,500 in the early 1980s to about 10,000 today.A new Pew Research Center study released in January showed that Muslims are more likely to