Why does the Syrian city of Homs have a mosque?

Jumeirahs mosque is one of several mosques in the Syrian capital which is often used by religious minorities, including members of the Assyrian Christian community.It is situated on the northern edge of Homs, on a road that is dotted with small houses and shops.There is a mosque in each of the city’s neighbourhoods, including the

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How to spot a terror attack at a local mosque

The latest on the Coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand (all times local):2:40 p.m.Authorities say two people are dead after a shooting at a Wellington mosque.Police say a man who was shot died at the scene.Police have not released details about the shooting.A third person was wounded.Police say the man who died was a mosque security

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How Muslim countries are making progress in combating hate and intolerance

New research by the Pew Research Center reveals that countries around the world are slowly and steadily improving their relationship with Islam and that some have made progress toward the goal of preventing hate crimes.In the United States, Muslim-majority countries saw an overall decrease in hate crimes in the second quarter of this year, according