How to prevent Muslim hate crimes in Chicago


CNN’s Ali Vitali reports from Cambridge, Massachusetts, where two imams were shot and killed at a mosque in Minnesota.

They were killed by two white men who had been radicalized online. 

Imba Abdi and Masroor Ahmad, both Muslims, both 50, were shot multiple times in their Cambridge home on Sunday, police said.

Abedi and Ahmad, who were killed in separate incidents Monday, were imams at a Muslim center in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington.

The imams, both imams of the Islamic Center of Minnesota, were in their 40s.

One of the imams told police that the two men shouted anti-Muslim and anti-American slogans before shooting at the mosque.

Police were searching for the suspects, who fled on foot.

It’s the second attack of a mosque this month.

In November, a man dressed as a police officer opened fire on a mosque at the University of Minnesota-Brooklyn campus.

Authorities have said the gunman was also a member of the mosque, but he has not been arrested.

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