Pakistani mosque foundation to build an Islamic museum in US

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Pakistan’s Islamic Foundation for Cultural and Educational Heritage (FICCEH) has announced plans to build a new museum in the United States, in an effort to revive the country’s ancient Muslim heritage.

In a statement issued on Friday, the foundation said that the building of the museum would be in line with the project of the Islamic Research Foundation, an organization that promotes Islam in America.

“We will ensure that our project is based on the needs of the people of Pakistan and the Muslim world and the needs and desires of the Pakistani people,” the statement said.

The FICCES statement also claimed that the museum’s construction would take place in cooperation with American-based Islamic organizations, including the American Institute of Islamic Research (AIIR), which is also known as the Muslim Educational Research Institute (MERI).

The FicceH statement did not specify how many rooms or exhibits the museum will contain, but the foundation says that it aims to be able to open its doors to the public in 2021.

The foundation also announced that it is looking for an artist to paint the mosque’s entrance and entrance hall.

Pakistanis are not allowed to attend religious services or conduct their own religious activities in the country.

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