How to pray at a mosque in Melbourne’s west


A mosque in south-west Melbourne has been forced to close its doors after a complaint from local residents.

Key points:The mosque, in a suburb of Port Phillip, has closed its doors for the last time in a week, the mosque’s local Muslim community saysThe mosque’s Imam says it has not received a response from the community’s religious leaderThe mosque was closed in June due to a high volume of visitorsThe mosque is a local Islamic institution in a community where most people are MuslimsThe Imam of the mosque says he has not heard from the local community’s spiritual leader about the closing of the centre.

“It’s a very busy time of year and I don’t know how long it will last,” he said.

“So we will be here on a Sunday or a Monday, if it will be.”

Dr Zainul Ahsan, the Imam of Imam Abdul Rahman Mosque in Port Phillip’s Mount Tamworth, said he has been receiving complaints from the Muslim community.

“People are not getting the support they need.

It is very sad,” he told ABC News.”

Some people in the community feel this is the time to come and pray.”

I think it is a mistake.

“The mosque has been open for more than five years, but we have never had a problem with anyone coming in.”

There is a strong and peaceful community here and I think the community is just disappointed.

“He said the mosque had been operating under the supervision of the local Islamic community, but the community was not happy with the decision.”

What we are concerned about is not the community, we are worried about the mosque,” he explained.”

When you have people coming in for prayer and they are not receiving that support, then you don’t want to be here.

“We are trying to find a solution so we can reopen.”

The mosque opened in June with a prayer hall, a mosque television station, and a women’s and children’s centre.

Its Imam said the centre had not received any official response from his community, and said he was hoping the community would come and attend prayers on Sunday.

“As of today, there are about 30 people from our community here,” he argued.

“They are all from the Mount Tamwhill community.

They are all here to come to pray and worship.”

He also said the local mosque had a prayer room with a full-time Imam, who he said had been working with the mosque for about three years.

“A lot of people come to us to worship, but they have not got the support,” he added.

“And they are all Muslims, but not all of them have the support.”

Imam Abdul Rahim said the prayer room would not be operational until Monday.

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