How to get an Oklahoma City mosque to take a trip to Pakistan



— A Muslim community in Oklahoma City, which is home to one of the nation’s largest mosques, says it’s now taking a vacation to Pakistan to visit family members in the country.

The Oklahoma City Islamic Center says it is not canceling its trip to the Islamic country, but will be visiting relatives in Pakistan this weekend, which it hopes will provide a good opportunity for the mosque to meet with members of the Muslim community.

The mosque says it plans to travel from Oklahoma City to the Pakistan city of Peshawar and back.

The mosque’s executive director, Mohammad Qureshi, said the trip will not affect any upcoming visits by members of its congregation to the country, including members of a local mosque in New York City.

Qureshi said in a statement that he is confident that the mosque’s decision to take the trip is a “wise decision that will be welcomed by the community.”

The mosque said it has not been able to confirm the trip because of the travel ban.

It was not immediately clear whether members of some Oklahoma City Muslim groups had requested that the Oklahoma City Imam be removed.

The Imam, Mohammad Youssef Khattak, is the first Muslim imam in the United States to be arrested on charges of inciting a crime and has been the subject of protests and harassment.

In April, a Muslim man in Oklahoma was arrested after posting an anti-Islam rant on social media, including a photo of the man with a white supremacist mask and the phrase “Kill Muslims.”

He was charged with inciting a hate crime.

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