The Greatest Mosque in America


The Greatest mosque in America.

That’s how the Associated Press and the National Muslim Business Council define “the greatest mosque in the United States.”

That’s what a Muslim Business Roundtable of America report calls “the largest mosque in North America.”

That honor goes to the Al-Shifa Islamic Center in San Bernardino, Calif., which is the oldest Muslim-owned business in the country and one of the most prestigious mosques in the world.

The Islamic Center is home to the largest Muslim congregation in the nation.

Its website is filled with photographs of its nearly 500 members.

But in the past year, the center has been at the center of a media firestorm.

The center, which serves about 10,000 Muslims, says its mission is to “to provide a safe, nurturing environment where all people feel safe and welcome and can come together in peaceful and spiritual prayer.”

Its website says that its mission “is to serve all those in need.”

The Associated Press has called the center’s Islamic Center the “largest mosque in California,” while the New York Times said the center “is not only one of America’s largest mosques but also the largest mosque by membership.”

The center’s website lists its members as: “approximately 10,400 Muslims.”

In addition to its mosque, Al-Safire is home a school and a playground.

The center is also a community resource for homeless youth.

It has an outdoor library and is the only school for students from the Arab-American Community.

The Associated Media found Al-Sharif mosque to be one of its top 10 mosques in America last year.

Al-Sharifa is located in the San Bernardino suburb of Chatsworth, about 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

Its congregation includes Muslims from the city and surrounding suburbs.

The mosque, which opened in 1997, is one of about 50 Muslim-majority buildings in the U.S. and has a congregation of about 1,400 people.

The building houses a school, a playground, a library, a mosque and an Islamic center.

It is a mosque that also serves the city’s homeless youth, according to the Associated White House Press Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency that counts and analyses news, information and public affairs.

The AP reported last year that more than 30 percent of Chases homeless youth were Muslim, and some of the young men were not Muslim at all.

The AP found Al Sharifa’s website to be riddled with anti-Muslim posts and hateful and disparaging language.

In one section, the mosque’s website says it “is committed to serving as a safe place for people of all faiths to worship and fellowship together.”

In one tweet, the Twitter account of the San Gabriel Valley Muslim Association tweeted: “Al Sharifa mosque is the biggest mosque in L.A., but is not the greatest mosque.”

The group wrote in a statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims in the Orlando attack and all the victims of terror in all countries.

Al Sharif mosque is not only the largest Mosque in the USA but also one of world’s largest.”

The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution in May calling for Al Shariba to be removed from the list of the 10 most-visited mosques in Los Angeles County.

It was the first time the council has ever called for the mosque to go.

In June, the Islamic Center’s website also was taken down.

The council’s resolution called on the Islamic center to “stop using hateful, insulting and offensive language and to focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for all.”

In June and July, the Los Angeles Times reported on the mosque.

In a story published on July 10, the newspaper reported that the center had made a donation to the city of Los Angeles for “funds to help the homeless and vulnerable in need in the city.”

The Muslim Business roundtable of Americans has called on Los Angeles to do more to combat the Islamic community’s extremism.

The group says its members are being targeted by anti-immigrant groups.

The group also called for a boycott of Al Sharisa and other Muslim-dominated businesses, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and credit unions, that do business with Muslims.

The report, which came just days after the shooting of two men by a man who was said to be inspired by the Islamic State, came amid an outpouring of support for the Muslim community by the White House and other leaders.

“The White House has been a strong ally to our Muslim community,” said Muhammad Ibrahim, executive director of the National Council on American-Islamic Relations, the leading Muslim advocacy group.

“This is a message to our fellow Americans: The White House is going to stand up to those who seek to divide us.”

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