How to find the best newbie mosque in New Zealand


New Zealand’s largest Muslim congregation has one of the world’s largest mosques, with one of its largest gatherings.

It’s a rare place where all faiths can congregate in a single space, and it has attracted a growing number of new Muslims from around the world, especially in the US.

But a group of New Zealand Muslims has also created a mosque in a small town in the south of the country, and is hoping that it will attract more people from other parts of the US and Canada.

Here’s a look at the New Zealand mosque that is growing fast.

1:18 “This mosque is going to be the place where you can go and worship, and then you can visit us for your daily prayers,” said Mohamed al-Khatib, who heads the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of New South Wales (AMC) mosque in South Auckland.

Mr al-khatib said the AMC had been in the process of constructing a mosque since 2014, and had been seeking to build a mosque near the mosque they currently own, but it had been unable to get permission from the local council.

“I just can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve had a mosque.”

A New Zealander who joined the AMC said he had always hoped to build one, but that his family had struggled financially, and he felt a mosque was a better way to bring Muslims together.

“There are many people who have gone to Syria and Iraq, and there are many more who have left,” he said.

“But I think that a mosque will bring more people to New Zealand.”

Mr al khatib is one of a number of New Zealands who have joined the Ahmadis, who have their own set of rules, including that only Muslims are allowed to attend.

“We are not a political group, we are not affiliated with any political party, we have nothing to do with political parties, and we are all very peaceful,” he told the BBC.

“So when people come from other countries and want to come here, we want to welcome them and be their friends.”

The AMC is one Muslim group that is also growing fast, but its largest congregation is just one of many groups in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago and Chicago.

But it is the AMC in New South, where the congregation is the largest, that has attracted the most new members.

“It’s quite exciting because we have had more than 150 people come in recently,” Mr al Khattab said.

The AMC has also recently expanded its mosque in Sydney, with more than 100 new members joining in the last few months.

Mr dasani said that the group was planning to open a second mosque in the near future, and that the AMC was now also considering building a third one in the New South.

“The community is growing and growing and it’s really exciting for us because we know that if we do it right, we will bring new people in,” he added.

Mr Dasani said his congregation had become a lot larger since he started the group, but he added that it was not a group that he wanted to become “a victim”.

“We will not become victims.

We will continue to live peacefully with our own values, and this mosque will be the mosque that we will live in, just like we do in our homes,” he explained.

1.10pm: “A Muslim congregation for the first time in New Zealand” The AMC, based in South Sydney, opened its first mosque in 2015.

It is one in a series of new mosques that have been opened in Australia and New Zealand in recent years, including the one in Melbourne that has become the biggest mosque in Australia, and one in Brisbane that is expected to become the largest mosque in Queensland, which also has a large congregation.

“As you know, New Zealand has a lot of mosques.

They have a very large population,” Mr Dasan said.

A small group of the AMC’s members were welcomed by a Muslim woman in the audience during the opening prayer. 1

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