What’s happening to the pink mosque at Pink Mosque?

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The pink mosque is a small mosque in Pink, New Jersey.

Located in the middle of nowhere, the mosque has been empty for years, with little visible activity in its walls.

However, that’s all about to change.

The new mosque will be the first mosque in New Jersey to be converted to a congregation of the Islamic faith, which is a way for the community to better accommodate the growing number of Muslim Americans in the city.

The mosque will house a congregation led by imam Abdallah Alshamrani, who is a native of Somalia and has lived in the U.S. for almost two decades.

The congregation is expected to include at least a dozen people, including children.

Alshamsrani is also a member of the mosque’s congregation and will be part of the prayers at the mosque.

He told Polygon the congregation will serve as a reminder for the many Americans who live in the state who are not Muslim.

Aljazeera Arabic reports that Alshamasrani said, “I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah and the Muslim faith.

I am a peaceful person, and I don’t want any problems to arise from this mosque.

We will have to face the problem from within ourselves.”

The new Pink Mosque will be built next to a nearby community center, which will be a hub for interfaith outreach and other programs.

“I want to see Pink Mosque become a model of community and unity for all New Jersey communities,” said local community activist Sharlene Eubanks.

The Pink Mosque has hosted interfaith meetings for decades, including in 2015 with representatives from the Muslim community and representatives from a community interfaith group, the Islamic Society of Greater New Jersey (ISGOJ).

The mosque is located in a small community in a remote part of Newark, and the community center has a capacity of just 50 people.

The building is currently under construction and the mosque will not be ready for occupancy until 2019.

While the new mosque may not be complete for years to come, it will serve a larger purpose: to bring greater peace and unity to the communities of New Jersey and beyond.

Alimah Nourbakhsh, the president of ISGOJ, says, “This mosque is going to serve as an example for other communities, because this is going beyond just a mosque and it is going into the wider community.”