What is a mosque?


The official title of the Islamic Society of Portland’s (ISPC) building at SE 3rd and SE Morrison streets in Portland, Oregon is the “Suleiman Mosque”.

It is a building with the capacity to house about 200 people, with an Islamic name and a large, dome-shaped dome.

Its dome has been built of steel beams and is topped by a dome-covered roof.

A large sign outside the building announces that the mosque “is open for prayer”.

It has been open for more than five years, and in a recent sermon at the mosque, a man named Abdullah Al-Amri, a former Iraqi politician and former leader of the Kurdish People’s Party, said that the people of Iraq would soon see a “new world order” and that it was time for people to leave the Middle East to go to a “world of freedom and freedom”.

The mosque’s dome has also been adorned with the Arabic inscription “The Mosque is a Mosque”, which is a reference to the Arabic phrase “The Temple is a Temple”.

Abdullah Al-‘Amri’s mosque is a part of the new Islamic community in Portland’s downtown district, and the ISPC has set aside $1.5 million for the construction of the mosque.

The mosque is designed by an architectural firm called Haji Zaidan, which is based in the United Arab Emirates.

According to its website, the firm “takes its name from a tradition of building mosques in the region, where it became known as the mosque of the Arabs”.

The firm says it is a “design team for the architectural and design community”.

The ISPC website has pictures of the building and describes it as a “building of the city of Portland”.

In January 2017, ISPC members gathered at the downtown Portland Mosque, the first gathering of its kind since it opened in January 2017.

The meeting, which was called to commemorate the opening of the second ISPC mosque in the city, was attended by a number of local Muslim leaders and the local ISPC leadership.

In its statement to the media, ISSC said it had been contacted by the Portland Police Bureau to determine the nature of the investigation into the mosque’s activities.

The investigation is ongoing, but the mosque said it would not be making any comment at this time.

It is not known if any arrests have been made in connection with the mosque or its activities.

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