Blockchain platform Hagia Sophia University unveils a digital identity platform that will allow students to upload their own photos, identities, and personal information to the platform and earn tokens that can be redeemed for scholarships and other scholarships.


Crypto Coins article hagias sophia mosques article title Hagia Sofia University announces the launch of the digital identity solution HagiaSophia, which will provide students with access to a wide variety of identity services including a digital wallet and online identity services.

article Hagia sophias virginia mosque article title The Hagia Sophia University campus in Washington, DC has a digital ID card with the word “Hagia” printed on it that students can use to upload personal information such as their email address and bank account information.

article Blockchain and the Internet of Things article hague spencer mosque article Title Blockchain is not only a technology that is changing the world, it is also transforming the way that we interact with it, writes Daniel Weigle, CEO and founder of Blockchain Media Group.

article The Internet of things is going to be the next big thing, but it will also be the most disruptive.

It’s not just the things that are happening today, but the things we’re doing tomorrow.

And it is going be even more disruptive than that.