When an Egyptian Muslim convert dies, the local mosque is left to mourn his death


CAIRO – The Egyptian Muslim converted to Christianity who was killed at a mosque in California this week is buried in the family cemetery in the town of Fajar.

The family, however, is not allowed to visit the grave and there is no official memorial for him.

His father is a Muslim and his mother is a Christian.

The two Muslim converts are buried next to each other next to the Muslim prayer hall.

The cemetery was set up by a local mosque in the city of Fana, which is the main Muslim community in the state of California.

But the family of one of the deceased converts, Omar Abdel Rahman, is refusing to allow any family members to visit him, according to local news reports.

The mosque has since been closed and there are no memorial services scheduled for the man.

The authorities have not yet said how many worshippers were in the mosque when the incident happened.

Abdel Rahman had been living in the United States for many years.

He is buried at a cemetery in Los Angeles, but the local authorities have refused to allow family members or anyone else to visit his grave, local newspaper The Bee reported.

The newspaper said that his body was not removed to the cemetery, but that he was placed in the casket.

Abdel Rahma, who was 29, had moved to the United State from Egypt to marry a US citizen and had been planning to return to Egypt.

But he was killed in a police operation in Sacramento last month.

The incident is one of several in California in which Christians have been targeted.

Earlier this month, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento said a man had been stabbed to death in the St. Luke’s Catholic Church.

The man, a Greek Orthodox priest, was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been shot in the chest and had died from multiple stab wounds.

Another priest who was stabbed to the head was pronounced brain dead.

The killings sparked protests by Christians who said the Catholic Church was ignoring the problems of the Muslim community.

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