How many Texans support an Austin mosque’s controversial proposal to build a mosque


AUSTIN — There is one Muslim community that wants a mosque built in Texas — one that is in the middle of an anti-Muslim backlash.

The Austin Islamic Society is seeking to build an Islamic center in the city, but its proposal has drawn criticism from residents and lawmakers, who say the project is anti-Islamic and anti-Islam.

“We’re really concerned about the potential impact it has on our community and our community as a whole,” said Aliya Ahmad, a senior vice president at the Islamic Society.

“We’ve been hearing about this anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Austin.

We’ve heard about the rhetoric coming out of Austin.

So it’s really concerning.”

The Austin City Council on Wednesday approved the $100,000 project, with Councilwoman Mary Gonzales saying the center will serve as a mosque.

The Islamic Society’s proposal includes a large, curved dome, an 18-story, mosque-like structure on the site of the former U.S. Bank Plaza.

The mosque would be built on the same site where the Islamic Cultural Center once stood, but there would be no mosque-type services or religious instruction.

In its plan, the Islamic Center seeks to provide “a safe and welcoming environment for all of our guests and residents,” including interfaith dialogue, and a center to promote “peaceful dialogue and dialogue inclusivity.”

It also says it will provide educational programs and opportunities for community members to learn about Islam and other faiths.

But Ahmad said the center should not be considered a mosque by Muslims because it would be located on public land, not in a mosque, and its construction would “impose an unnecessary burden” on Austin’s already-busy streets.

“I don’t think it’s fair to say that we’re building a mosque and we’re creating a mosque in Austin,” she said.

“But it’s not a religious site.

It’s a public site, and it is located in a very diverse community.

We have a lot of different religions in Austin.”

Ahmad also said the mosque should not create a conflict of interest because its planned location is in a residential neighborhood, not a residential area of the city.

The city’s Department of Planning and Development approved the project in February.

Ahmad said in a recent interview with the American-Statesman, she was concerned about a proposed Islamic center on the property of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

The property is owned by the City of Austin, and the city has proposed to redevelop it as a soccer field.

Ahmad told the American Statesman the project would likely require the city to pay for construction and maintenance costs.

“The problem is, if we build it and they are going to own it, then we have to have a building that is built on public property and then they are not paying us for the work they are doing,” she told the Statesman.

“And that would be an unnecessary expense.

So I think we have a choice to make.”

In addition to the Islamic center, the Austin Islamic Center also wants to construct a large parking garage on the former site of former UTS Bank, a building once home to a restaurant and other businesses.

The plan also calls for a new community center, which Ahmad said would be funded by a “public-private partnership.”

But in an email to the American statesman, the Muslim Society said the group’s proposal “is not a mosque,” but a “community center” and a “safe and welcoming community center.”

“We have heard from people in our community who are worried about the presence of the Islamic community in our city,” the Islamic Group wrote.

“It is an issue of safety and security.

It has nothing to do with Islam.”

The Islamic Association has said it will appeal the city’s decision.