How Spain’s Mosque Became a Mecca for Islamists


A mosque in southern Spain is becoming a sanctuary for a Muslim community that has seen violence erupt on its streets.

A local newspaper reported that two men who attacked worshippers at the Moroccan Islamic Society mosque in the city of Isla Vista, about 15 miles north of Barcelona, were arrested in January.

The newspaper said they were arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

The men were allegedly involved in a brawl that began on Sunday morning at the mosque, the paper said.

They also allegedly assaulted two worshippers outside the mosque.

They were detained by local authorities.

The Islamic Society, which is a registered charity, was founded in 1924.

Its president, Mohamed Azzam, is a Moroccan-born immigrant from Morocco.

He has said that he was born in Morocco, and his father, a Moroccan, immigrated to the United States.

The mosque, which has a capacity of around 5,000 worshippers, was established in the 1970s as a place to pray, according to the Isla Vistas Times newspaper.

It’s also a refuge for the families of people who were killed or injured in recent weeks, including a Muslim woman who was stabbed and shot to death outside the Islas Ramadas mosque.

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