How to prevent someone from being hurt at a mosque


Police in Australia are investigating after a man allegedly drove a truck into a mosque, killing two worshippers and injuring at least 10 others.

The incident happened at the Masjid al-Haram in Melbourne’s north on Friday.

Police say the truck driver fled the scene, but later returned and began shooting at worshippers.

“Police were alerted to the incident on Friday evening at the mosque by worshippers who heard gunshots,” a police statement said.

“The police attended and arrested the driver of the vehicle, who is described as a Caucasian male, aged in his late 20s with a black beard.

The driver was also wearing a mask and wearing a hooded jacket.”

The mosque is a mosque in the city of Melbourne.

The two victims are being treated at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition.

The mosque’s imam said the shooting appeared to be random.

“He came in a white vehicle and shot at the worshippers,” said Imam Ahmed Shah, who was at the scene.

“There was no indication that it was connected to the mosque or to the attack on the mosque.”

Mr Shah said the imam was also among the people who were injured.

“It appears to be an attack on an individual who has been in the community for years,” he said.

He said the shooter had previously been known to the police.

“We don’t know who the shooter is,” he told reporters.

“If it was a stranger, we don’t think it’s the right person to have come in a vehicle and shoot people.”

The gunman has been arrested and police have launched an investigation.

The Australian Federal Police says it is assisting the investigation and is working with police in the United States.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is working “with the Australian Federal Health and Safety Department to determine if there is any link to a U.S. terrorist attack or related incidents”.

A manhunt was launched after the attack.

The Masjad al-Sharif, a large, mostly Muslim mosque in central Melbourne, is home to about 200 worshippers, many of whom are foreign converts.

A spokesman said police were still trying to establish whether the man who shot at worshiper Mohammed Hossain was a member of the mosque’s staff.

The spokesman said the mosque was “shocked and shaken” by the attack and is “working to determine what happened”.

“We are still working with the mosque and police to determine the motive and to provide assistance,” he added.

Police are treating the incident as a terrorist incident, the AFP said.

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