What are the mosque meanings?

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A couple weeks ago, a local news outlet published a story about a mosque in Toronto called the Babri Mosque.

It’s a large, rectangular building that houses an old mosque in a small suburb of Toronto, the suburb of Brampton.

In the article, a reporter named Mike Dorn pointed out that the mosque was the same type of building as the mosque in the news article, only it was also a mosque.

And the article had a number of mosque-related words, including “mosque,” “mosqueria,” “sister mosque,” and “babria mosque.”

The mosque was being called the “Babria Mosque,” according to the article.

“The name of the mosque is in Arabic, and the name of its founder is the Baba Ramdev,” the reporter wrote.

“It was established in 1877 by the Babi community in Uttar Pradesh, India, and is the only Babi-Muslim mosque in Canada.”

The reporter explained that the word “Baba” in Arabic means “son” or “son of God,” and that the term “Babe” in Hindi means “beautiful woman” or, as it’s commonly known, “beauty of the soul.”

But according to Wikipedia, the word Baba is not a translation of the Arabic name, Babi.

It simply means “father” or simply “father of God.”

The name Babri, the name used for the mosque by the reporter, is an Arabic word meaning “family,” according the article’s Wikipedia entry.

So, there are plenty of possible meanings for “Babi” that include “son.”

According to Wikipedia: “Babbi Ramdev is a Hindu mystic and a proponent of Hinduism.

His followers believe that his teachings and teachings have brought prosperity and salvation to mankind.

He has also become a popular figure in Hinduism, especially in India and other parts of the world.”

But if the reporter was wrong, he had no explanation for why the word was in Arabic and not English.

“I’m not familiar with the name, and I don’t know how it got in Arabic,” Dorn told The Huffington Post Canada.

“So, I’m just asking if it’s a coincidence.”

The Toronto Star, the Toronto-based local news website, reported that a mosque is a place where people pray.

In a post titled “Muslim-owned mosque being named after Hindu god,” the newspaper explained that Babri is a “Mosque of India” that is “dedicated to the Lord Baba.”

“The Lord Babas’ Babi, Baba, and Babbi are revered as holy men,” the post stated.

“They were the founder of the Babasaheb Ambedkar school, which developed Hinduism and later developed Islam, and they are revered in Hindu scriptures.”

The article then listed a number, some of them very similar, to the mosque article: The name of this mosque is called Babri Ramdev Mosque, and its founder, Babri Ambedhkar, is a founder of Hindu religious order and a founder and head of Ambedkari Hindu Mahasabha, an organization which promotes Hinduism in India.

The mosque is named after Babri.

The name was used by the founder as a religious term to refer to the worship of the Lord.

A member of the Ambedhari Hindu Maha Sabha, a religious group that promotes Hindu beliefs, also posted a photograph of a prayer mat in the mosque.

“When people see this, they see a holy place and they think that it is a mosque, but in reality it is not,” the mosque member wrote.

The news outlet did not respond to The Huffington Press Canada’s request for comment.

The Toronto Sun, the local news paper, has since corrected the article and clarified that the article was a reference to the Babra Mosque in India, not the mosque building in Brampton, and it did not mean that the name “Babs” in Bengali was not a reference.

“There is no reference to Babs,” the Toronto Sun wrote.

It also added that “the name Babara” is not an Arabic translation of “Babad.”

“This mosque was not named after a person,” the Sun added.

“Its named after God.”

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