Why is Islam in Cordoba spanish so different?


A mosque in Cordova, Spain, which was closed in 2017 amid protests by Muslims over a planned Islamic center, reopened on Tuesday.

“I have a lot of respect for the mosque,” Imam Ali Al-Ali, who has been living in the town for the past four years, told AFP news agency.

The new mosque is located in the suburb of Nueva Espana, just a short distance from where the former Muslim community was demolished.

There were no problems with the site or the building’s design, the council said.

“It’s a very modern, modern mosque, and it is a mosque that reflects a lot about the town and the people of Cordova,” said Cordova mayor Fernando Alonso.

Alonso added that the mosque was being renovated, with the new building constructed with concrete panels and the surrounding structures, such as a swimming pool, designed to accommodate up to 200 worshippers.

A mosque in the city of Cordoba in Spain is being renovated after the council decided to demolish the old building in 2017, as Muslims protested against plans to build a new Islamic center.

In 2017, a mosque in Nuevo León, a coastal town in the south of Spain, was demolished by authorities after a judge ruled the building was illegal.

The city is now a suburb of Cordovia, about 150 kilometres (93 miles) north-east of Cordavias capital Cordoba.

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