How to avoid Muslim-Americans voting: Be cautious


LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department says it is urging residents of the city’s Muslim community to be cautious as the city prepares to mark its first Muslim Pride Day.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced Wednesday that he will personally address the Muslim community in the coming days.

The announcement comes after the L.A. Police Protective League announced in a statement that they are encouraging the Muslim communities to be mindful of the fact that their actions can lead to a criminal conviction.

The LAPD will use its resources to help inform and educate all community members about the laws pertaining to the act of voting.

LAPD Chief Charlie C. Beck, who is also the president of the LOPD, says he will use his office to share information and resources with all communities to encourage community dialogue and support the voting process.

The LOPL statement said the department is concerned with the potential for intimidation and intimidation of Muslim-American citizens who wish to participate in the election.