How to find out the best places to meet people for dinner in Dubai


Dubai’s Iqra Park has become a popular destination for business travelers, with diners from around the world visiting for lunch or dinner.

With the number of diners at the park climbing, we asked the Iqras to share their favourite spots in the city for dinner.

Here’s what they said.

-Khatib al-Habib: The food here is fantastic.

It’s a very authentic Middle Eastern food with a very Mediterranean feel, but it’s also very tasty.

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s very filling.

-Rafiq al-Fadl: The best part about Iqrah is the people.

They’re always welcoming and friendly.

It doesn’t feel like a place where you’re waiting for an appointment.

-Iqrah’s new chef: Iqrabi Khan.

The restaurant’s chef Iqriq Al-Fahdawi, who has been serving up the best food and best service in Dubai for more than 20 years, started his career at Iqrazi, where he was head chef.

His new venture, Iqrafas Al-Qadhi, has taken over Iqraban.

Al-Khan started out as a chef in his family’s restaurant and expanded his expertise to include catering and serving food to international guests.

-Sanaa al-Sakhi: I like to eat in restaurants that are very relaxed and comfortable, and there’s a lot of variety.

I think you can have something that’s good, but not necessarily too big.

It’ll be a different atmosphere.

-Shaweel al-Ahmad: I have to say, I love the food here, but I also like to be around people.

There’s a big diversity in Dubai.

I can eat with people from all walks of life.

I really love eating out in restaurants.

-Hassan al-Bazani: I’ve had my share of good food, but the best part of Iqraq is the hospitality of the people who come here.

I love to sit with my family, but when it’s time to go out, I prefer to go to a restaurant.

-Ahmed al-Mansour: I love restaurants that offer a wide variety of options.

I like food that is fresh, and if there’s anything that’s not fresh, I’ll eat it.

-Baraa al Wada: If you come to Iqqrah, it will be a place you’ll be going back to for many years to come.

If it’s not as good as Iqrezeh, it’ll be different.

-Hamdan al-Khawaja: I would love to come back and eat here again.

There is something special about eating here, especially when you’re surrounded by so many people.

I always like to share my dishes with the people and I like the food.

-Danae al-Zarraf: I always love to have a meal here, and it’s really comfortable.

-Naseem al-Shahrawi: The atmosphere here is very different from the rest of Dubai.

There are a lot more people here.

You feel like you’re in a small village, and you feel like there’s nothing like a normal life.

-Lihab al-Jabari: It’s really good food.

The food is delicious.

-Abdul Khaliq al Thani: There are different places to eat.

There will be many different restaurants serving different kinds of food.

I don’t know where the best restaurant is.

It depends on the season.

It will be different each time.

-Ali al-Athawari: The Iqris are very hospitable and warm.

They are friendly.

They greet people, they are good at serving food, and they are friendly towards their guests.

They love being around people, and I love going to the Iqsra.

-Yazen al-Thawri: It has a very modern look and a modern taste.

I have no doubt that Iqrer will remain the most authentic Iqribas restaurant in the world for many more years to be able to experience that, because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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