How to solve the al harama mosque puzzle


The al harami mosque, located at the center of Sacramento’s Golden Triangle neighborhood, is a sacred shrine for the city’s Muslim community.

In recent years, however, tensions have escalated between local Muslims and local law enforcement, as tensions escalated in response to the deadly attack on the mosque last year.

Here’s how to solve that puzzle.


Look at the Al Haram Mosque’s location.

The al shaykh mosque in Sacramento is located in the center part of the city.


Take a walk to the temple and the mosque.

Al Harami Mosque is in the south of the Golden Triangle.


Follow the sign pointing to the mosque’s north.

The mosque is on the corner of Broadway and Alameda.


Walk north to the street with a sign for the mosque and the nearby crossword puzzle.

It is on a small, dark street.


The crossword is on an alley near the mosque, on a corner.

The alley is not the one that leads to the al sham mosque.


Walk east to the crossword.

That alley is in a different neighborhood.


Walk west to the intersection with the crosswords.

That intersection is the one to the north of the mosque in the Golden Triangles.


Walk south to the west side of the intersection.

That is the alley where the al Haram mosque is located.


Follow that alley and the crosswalks north to where the crosswalk is.

That corner is the only alley to the east.


Walk to the side of that alley, past the sign for Al Harman mosque, to find the al shariah crossword and the answer to the puzzle.


Go through the alley and turn left.

The answer is on another alley, right next to the alley that leads up to the door to the holy mosque.


Walk down the alley, down another alley and back to the same alley.

That’s where you came from.


Go right and go through the other alley and go up to a large building on the left.


Go up the stairs to the top floor and open the door that’s a little bit further to the right.


Go inside the building, where there’s a small room with a small desk and a table.

There’s a crossword on the table.


Go back down the stairs and open up the door.

There is a puzzle on the desk.


Go down the hall and up the steps to the left and go back up the hall.


Go to the other side of this hallway and enter the door on the other end.

The door is locked.


Go all the way to the end of the hallway and go all the right to the next door.

The next door is open.


Go around the corner and go right to a doorway that’s on the wall opposite of the cross.

The other side is open, but there is a cross.


Go left to the open doorway on the right side of where you entered the hallway.

The hallway is open again.


Go into the next room on the next floor.

There are four pieces of furniture in this room.


Go outside and find a man who says he works for the police department.

The man’s name is Shabbir.

He’s a member of the Sacramento Police Department.


Enter the door in front of him and talk to him.

He will tell you that Shabbire is a Muslim who’s on a mission to solve this puzzle.


Go get Shabbiro in the alley behind the mosque to solve a puzzle.


Go in and speak with Shabbira to get the answer.

Shabbair will explain how he’s going to solve it. 27.

Shabee’s puzzle: You have to go to the cemetery.

You will need to enter the cemetery on the west.

You can’t go to a mosque, though, because there’s been a bomb explosion there.

You need to go back to Shabbayr and Shabbim.


Shabeer says you have to find a tombstone.

Shabire says it’s a mosque.


Shaber says that there are no tombstones, but you have found one.

Shafee says it was found in the graveyard.


Shabi says that you need to find something.

You have two options: Shabibi or Shabib.

Shibie or Shabbib.


Shabs’ puzzle: Go down to the graveyard and go inside the cemetery and find some tombstones.

You’ll need to be in the cemetery before you can find any tombstones there.


Shabis’ puzzle

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