What is the new Alamo?


Cambridge, Massachusetts – Alamo was a Muslim site, but that has all changed.

Today, the building is home to a mosque, an outdoor garden, a gym and a cafe.

The mosque is located on the site of the former Alamo House, a 19th-century Catholic mission in downtown Cambridge.

The building itself is the latest addition to Cambridge’s multi-million-dollar Alamo Park.

Alamo’s design was inspired by a Muslim holy site in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, said Mohammed Sadeq, director of the Islamic Institute at Cambridge.

It is called Mecca Square.

Alim Zaghbari, an architect and Alamo project manager, said the mosque’s design is inspired by the Islamic concept of mausoleum.

The square is surrounded by an archway, where the graves of Muslims who died in battle are interred.

The Alamo Square mosque is part of a wider plan to design Alamo, a community center, community center that is being built in the center of Cambridge, to be a “muslim-friendly” space, he said.

The Islamic Institute is also developing a mosque next door in South Cambridge.

Alumni of the Alamo mission said the site is not a religious site, and they are not religious.

They are part of an ongoing debate about where Alamo should be.

The mission’s mission statement says Alamo is an important part of Cambridge’s history.

The group is working to create a community that will be inclusive of all faiths, Sadeqa said.

“It’s a big deal for us to be in Cambridge,” said Mohamed Abdirahman, an Alamo alumna who has worked at Alamo since 2012.

“We have a lot of history here.”

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