When Australia says ‘no’ to Islam, is it a Muslim country


More than half of the Australian population is Muslim, but not all Muslims are in Australia.

What is Australia’s religion?

How are people of other religions represented in the country?

These questions have been answered in the new ABC Four Corners documentary titled No Religion.

The documentary, which also features interviews with Australian Islamic leaders, has been screened on ABC TV and online and has been watched more than four million times.

But it has raised questions about the future of the country, with the Coalition government suggesting it will be possible to re-define Australia’s national religion if it wins the next election.ABC Four Cornals director Chris Williamson says it is important to understand that “no” is a very good thing.

“If you don’t have faith in the future, it is easy to think, ‘Oh well, if we have faith then we’re in a different place,'” he said.

“The truth is that we don’t know, we can’t know.”

That’s why it’s important for us to explore that and explore the ideas and the ideas of all Australians.

“The ABC Four Coroners documentary examines the impact of religion on Australia.

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