How to get a $1,500 ‘free prayer’ at a Christian church


St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania (CNN) The Rev. Pete Turchin said he’s had many prayers for his wife, Mary, but this one was different.

It was the last prayer of the week.

When Turchim left church to pray, he said, “I’m a little stunned.

I’m like, what the hell?

She’s not even here?”

He was shocked when he found out that he was invited to pray for the next two months.

That’s because a prayer service was scheduled for the week of Jan. 31.

But when Turchins wife and children arrived at the church, they discovered that the congregation was hosting a Christian prayer service.

In the middle of the prayer, Turchis wife said, she asked a pastor, “Why aren’t you here?

You’re invited to the worship service.”

And then she told him the story of the “free prayer” in the Bible.

The pastor, he told Turchi, had just said the same thing about the prayer services at his church.

And Turchimi was shocked.

He said, I thought I was going to be at home, watching a show, but I found out, “There are people out here praying.”

“The pastor is telling me that the church is in trouble,” Turchinis wife said.

And so, he has decided to step forward.

“He was kind enough to invite me, and I’ve been praying with him since then,” Tusterim said.

He said he decided to come forward after seeing that other pastors were getting invited to give prayers to the congregation.

And that’s how he decided, Tushins wife said.

“I’m very grateful,” Turtin said.

“I just want to say that I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that this does not happen again.”