How to get in touch with your local mosque


A local Muslim leader says he wants to open a mosque in Houston that’s open to everyone, and says he’s willing to pay a $3 million deposit to build it.

Read MoreHouston’s mosque boom has prompted calls for a more inclusive mosque community, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

The Muslim Association of Houston (MASHA) wants a mosque on Houston’s southwest side and wants to build one in the neighborhood of Harris-Webb and the University of Houston.

That’s not happening.

A Houston-area Muslim community group says they’re not willing to fund the mosque, because they want the mosque in their neighborhoods.

And a Houston-based mosque’s leader says they want to build a mosque, but they’re also not willing for that to happen in the area.

Mosque leader Mohamed Omar says he’d like to open one of his own in the Harris-Bethune neighborhood.

He says he has plans for a mosque at a new building in the Houston neighborhood of Southwest Houston.

But mosque leaders say that’s just not going too well.

MASHA President Dr. Abdullah Ali says he and other leaders have discussed the idea of a mosque here in Houston, but have yet to make any concrete plans.

We need to start somewhere else.

And so far we haven’t even had an opportunity to begin discussions,” Ali said.

The MASHA wants to establish a center in the city’s Southside neighborhood for Muslims to congregate, but not in the nearby neighborhoods.

Ali says the mosque will also offer a mosque school.

Ali says the school is for kids who don’t know any other schools.

But it would not be in the same building as a mosque.”

So this is going to be a new, new mosque.

We don’t have a plan yet, but we are working on it.

So we will have a very good understanding of what we want to do, but it’s not in our immediate horizon,” Ali added.

The MASHA is asking for $3.8 million in private donations to build the mosque.

The group is also hoping to have the mosque completed by the end of 2018.

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