‘Sharia law is going to change Pakistan’: Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque founder


Badshahi Mosque, which was established by Jamaat-e-Islami founder Ahmadiyyas, is the oldest Muslim religious organization in Pakistan.

Its founder, Maulana Abdul Aziz Muhammad Badshah, who died in 1998, said that the establishment of Islamic schools in Pakistan and other countries would create a “Sharia state”.

He said that Muslims should be able to practise their religion freely and freely propagate it in the country, adding that they should also be able “to establish sharia courts in their communities and use them to settle their disputes”.

According to Badshahar, this will lead to a new era of peace in the Muslim world.

The Badshahs group has been accused of being behind several violent acts and of running a network of religious schools in the nation.

In 2007, the group was banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In a separate incident, the Badshas group was charged with inciting communal violence against Muslims in 2008, when its imam Muhammad Tahir was killed by unidentified assailants.

Tahir was a founding member of the Badasha Group, which is considered to be the largest Sunni religious organisation in Pakistan, according to Al Jazeera.

The organisation has also been accused by rights groups of having ties to the Jamaat e-Islam, an extremist militant group linked to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.