Why the white supremacists are showing up at the Pearl Mosque in Dallas


A few weeks ago, the white nationalists who have been gathering at the Pearland Mosque in Texas were joined by the white supremacist group National Socialist Movement USA (NSPA) in another white supremacist gathering, this time in a different Texas city.

NSPA has been calling for a new Pearl mosque in Texas for years. 

A few weeks back, I spoke with members of the NSPA, who told me that they’ve been at the mosque for years, and have been “worried about the white power element” since their founding in the 1970s. 

“I am very concerned about this group, I am very disturbed by this group,” said David Schreiber, who runs a security company in Texas and works with several people who have died in a terrorist attack in the United States.

“I do not think we are going to see them back.

We are not going to be back in a while.” 

NSPA has had some success in building support for a white nationalist movement in the US.

It gained support from members of Trump’s own party, and it even gained support for the 2016 election, when a group of white nationalists came to Denton, Texas, to attend a rally.

But the Pearl mosque is a very different organization than the white nationalist group that is a frequent presence at the Dallas mosque. 

The mosque is now located in an area that is predominantly black, and there are a number of black Muslims there. 

When I spoke to Schreibers members about the group, they explained that they feel that “they are in a minority,” but they also felt that the group is trying to build a base of support for them. 

Schreiber also told me about a meeting he had last week with an activist from the Black Lives Matter movement, who also is black, who expressed concern about the “white supremacist” element at the local Pearl mosque.

According to Schremers, the activist also expressed that the white racists have “made a name for themselves in our community, in our country,” and that the community has “never been so racist in our lifetime.” 

I spoke with other members of NSPA at the White Power Rally in Dallas.

The group has a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, but neither have posted a statement of any kind. 

One person who spoke with me said that he was worried about the presence of white supremacists at the rally. 

Another said that they are concerned about the possibility of “racial violence” at the upcoming rally, and that they don’t want to be “an outlet for hate.” 

It was a strange experience for me, as I was a bit of a skeptic about NSPA and their involvement in the White Supremacist movement, when I spoke at the gathering last week.

I also heard from a number people who had been at that rally that it was “really ugly,” but also that the atmosphere was “nice,” and they didn’t feel the need to defend themselves. 

But it turns out that they have been there.

The Pearl mosque has been hosting a number, and some of the members of those groups have been at Pearl mosques in other parts of the country.

In the past month, a group called White Lives Matter Dallas posted a video on YouTube, in which a white supremacist tells a woman she looks like a “slut,” and says that she “looks like a whore.” 

The video shows a woman speaking in Arabic, who says that the man has a “black skin, he is Muslim, he looks like I do, and he has a black wife.”

The man then goes on to tell the woman that she looks “like a whore” and tells her that she is “a whore,” and “she is a whore because she is a white person.” 

As for the White Lives Matters group, which I spoke about in the video, they have also been at a number other white supremacist events in the past year. 

In April, NSPA leader Paul Boudreaux told me, the group had a large rally at a downtown Dallas mosque in support of a white-supremacist group. 

NSPA also posted videos to their Facebook page showing themselves at a white supremacy rally in May. 

According to Boudreau, this was the first time that he had been in a public space where white supremacists could gather. 

He told me: “We are not affiliated with any white supremacist groups in the U.S. or anywhere else.

We have not been at any rallies, or attended any meetings.” 

White Lives Matter also posted a tweet from the Pearl, and posted a picture of them in the lobby of the Pearl on Twitter. 

White Supremacy is a real movement.

It’s not a movement.

We’re not here to promote a white agenda, but we are here to protect our rights, our freedoms

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