When Somali mosque bombing suspect’s wife was ‘totally’ in charge, mom called 911


MNAPL – A Somali mosque was hit by a car in Minneapolis Monday night, and the driver has been arrested, authorities said.

Police said the crash happened at the Somali Community Center at 17th Avenue and University Avenue just after midnight.

The car struck the mosque’s gate and a small group of people were inside.

The car then hit the mosque, which had been operating as a community center.

A few minutes later, the car crashed into a building in the parking lot.

The person who was in the car was arrested and taken to the Ramsey County Jail on a warrant.

A mosque spokesman confirmed that the mosque was not targeted.

“It is extremely unfortunate that this happened.

This is a hate crime,” said Abdurahman El-Haddad, the imam at the mosque.

The imam said the suspect, an American citizen, is a Somali-American who was married to a Somali woman.

The mosque has no comment on the motive.