Why don’t you pray at home? The answer: because it’s a religion


I’ve always thought that my personal beliefs in God, the Bible and my faith in God were quite solid.

But I’m glad to say that I’m now open to the possibility that they’re not.

I’m open to questions about religion and to questioning it, but at the same time I’m not open to religion being the way it is because I know that’s the only way to go.

So when I’m asked by people, “How do you feel about religion?”, the answer is usually “Well, I think religion is fine.

I don’t know anything about religion.”

But what if religion were really that good?

Would that be the way people should be?

Or would it be possible to be good at a religion that doesn’t offer so much as a hint of anything?

It’s not like the world has gone mad and you’ve been forced to believe that a religion is all right because you’re too afraid of dying.

If you’re afraid of death, you can’t really trust any religion that says you must believe in something.

Religion is very different from any other belief system in the world.

People who don’t believe in God are still human, and if they can be helped in some way, that’s wonderful.

And the other thing that’s very good about religion is that it’s an incredibly powerful and comforting belief system.

Religion also helps people who are trying to make sense of the world, or who have problems with their own minds, because religion can be a way to really help those who have difficulties with their minds.

If religion can help people understand the world better, and can give them a more realistic view of their own problems and problems with the world as a whole, that would be a very positive thing.

What about people who want to believe in religion?

You’re not really going to get them.

In fact, there’s a reason why they’re so unlikely to do it.

There are only two kinds of people in the history of the human race: people who believe that there is a God and people who don.

But if you’re a person who wants to believe, then you should be willing to be willing, and there’s not a lot of reason why you can be against something.

You don’t have to agree with everything a religion says.

You can even disagree with a certain aspect of it.

But you don’t need to be religious to be a person with an understanding of religion.

You just need to know enough to be open to questioning and to learning.

The most important thing for someone to know about religion: that it doesn’t really exist.

The biggest misconception about religion that people tend to have is that religion is just some weird, alien idea that has to be invented.

That’s a lie.

Religion isn’t just some crazy idea.

It’s the story of a human being, and it’s the stories of other people.

It was the story that got us to where we are today.

So don’t think that because you don ‘t believe in anything that it isn’t there.

It really is.

It has to exist.

It is, and we’re just trying to live up to its values and its principles.

We can be happy and happy with whatever the world is like, and that’s a good thing.

I hope that I’ve convinced you that a faith that can’t be found, even by a scientist or a philosopher, is just as valid as any other faith.

I know it’s hard to believe.

But there’s nothing wrong with it.