How to get to the Islamic center in New Zealand


New Zealand’s Muslim community is the fastest growing in the country, and a growing number of them are seeking a place of worship in the capital city.

Many have gone to the country’s largest mosque, the Marjumal, to pray, but others have turned to the Marjan Mosque, the countrys largest.

Both have been established in recent years and are the subject of growing community interest, with many looking to use their new mosque space to spread their beliefs.

“It’s not a big deal for me,” said Ahmed Shafiq, a 27-year-old Saudi Arabian national living in Auckland, who has converted to Islam.

“But it is for my family, so it makes sense for me to have this place.”

Shafiqu is one of hundreds of Muslims in New England who have converted to the religion, which is practiced in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

There are more than 50 mosques in the United States, and dozens more in other countries.

Some are small and run by individuals, while others have been built for larger crowds.

For example, the Islamic Center of New England in Boston opened in 2016, with a congregation of more than 2,000 people.

Shafiqi said the mosque was more than an opportunity to worship.

“I felt like a leader, a prophet, a warrior,” Shafiqsah said.

“This was a place where I can express my faith and my faith to the whole world.”

Shafiq converted to Judaism in 2014, after a brief stay in a Palestinian refugee camp.

He now believes he is part of a growing global trend, and he is looking forward to praying there every day.

“This is a way of life for me.

This is a place that gives me a purpose, gives me strength, gives my family stability,” Shifiq said.

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