Which Muslim mosque is most influential in Berlin?


The Berlin Muslim Association, which organises the annual Berghain festival, is Germany’s most influential mosque, with its mosque in Berlin becoming a hub for Islamic culture and learning.

Its leadership has also brought the festival to Germany, and it holds regular prayers in mosques across Germany, including the main mosque in Frankfurt.

But its influence is not limited to Germany.

In 2017, the group organised a pilgrimage to the German city of Cologne for thousands of Muslims, and this year’s event was even more ambitious, with about 5,000 people expected to attend.

The Berghains’ spiritual centre in Cologne is also a hub of Islamic culture, and the mosque has also been hosting Islamic education sessions for local schools and mosques.

According to the group, the Berlin mosque’s leadership has brought the Berghams festival to the city, and also organised a celebration for students at the city’s University of Applied Sciences.

Berghain is Germanys biggest festival and is held annually in the city of Berlin.

It has been held every summer since 1872, and has become a main tourist attraction in the German capital.

The festival attracts tens of thousands of people and the city has been home to many of the citys most famous Muslim residents.

Last year, Berghans main mosque was the scene of a huge riot.

Around 250 people were injured in the riot.

Berlin’s Muslim population is growing and in 2018, a citywide prayer event for Muslims is planned for March 25, the day of the festival.