Mosque religion of Ohio mosque’s founder: Religion of peace

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The religion of the mosque’s founding founder is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the teachings and practice of the early Muslim community of Medina, according to a church-affiliated nonprofit.

“There’s a lot of things that we take for granted in this world that are not the same for people today,” said Masroor Ahmad, who led the mosque from its foundation in 1924 until it closed in 1984.

“The idea that we could find a place that had the same things as the Prophet Muhammad and that he had the right values for a community, I thought was very beautiful.”

The mosque is located in downtown Cincinnati, a city that is home to about 8,500 Muslims.

Ahmad’s father, Hussein Ahmad, founded the mosque in 1929, but his son’s mother, Nusrat, helped him with the planning and construction of the sprawling facility.

The building, which is designed by New York-based architects Arup and Maksim, opened in January.

The mosque’s first two years were dedicated to prayer, and the church’s members have been given permission to pray in private.

The worship area is larger than the one in the city center, and seats up to 50.

Ahmad said the mosque is currently planning to expand the worship space, which could be expanded to accommodate a larger number of people.

“We’re trying to bring a mosque to Cincinnati, which, I don’t know if that’s possible,” he said.

“It depends on whether we can afford to expand, because we have to pay rent.”

The Mosque’s founder is still revered and revered in Cincinnati, where the mosque has a large congregation of believers and their families.

Ahmad was honored at a recent interfaith gathering at the mosque.

He also gave the congregation a guided tour of the building, where he explained the history of the faith, the Qurans teachings and the role of Muslims in the United States.

“I think that I have the best chance of changing this world, if I can be the catalyst,” he told the congregation.

Ahmad has been an active member of the church since it opened.

He was the president of the congregation from 2004 to 2010 and is now the church president.

The church has been a member of other faith-based organizations, such as the United Methodist Church.

In 2016, the church hosted an interfaith event with the Cincinnati White Sox.

The Sox, who had just lost two-time Cy Young Award winner Jose Abreu to the New York Yankees, had invited Ahmad to the clubhouse for a game.

During the game, Ahmad was in the clubhouse and watched Abreus pitch.

The team gave him a jersey that read “The Greatest,” a nod to the mosque, according a post on the mosque website.

Ahmad, in a post to his Facebook page, said that he would be able to spend time with his family and visit the mosque after the game.

“My family will always be a part of our lives, and I am sure that they will always feel the same way,” he wrote.

Ahmad told The Associated Press in 2018 that the mosque and his family will be receiving a state grant that will allow them to build a new, larger mosque.

“This is our only option,” he added.

“Without the state, we would be unable to build.

I can’t say for certain, but I would say that the grant is a good option.”

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