Which is the best mosque in St. Louis?


The St. Louis Mosque of Cordoba is the fourth-best mosque in Missouri, according to a new report by the Islamic Society of St. Charles, which ranked the five most popular mosques in Missouri.

The Islamic Society has been tracking mosque attendance and visits since 2000.

They are looking for the largest Muslim population, the largest non-Muslim populations, and a majority of Muslims who attend services.

The Islamic Society also looked at religious and political affiliations, and how many mosques are serving the community.

“We want to be sure our rankings reflect the diversity of the Islamic community in St Louis,” said Hassan Fattah, executive director of the Muslim Association of Missouri.

Fattah added that the mosque has recently seen an increase in popularity and attendance.

Last year, attendance at the mosque increased by 30 percent, from 446 to 531 people, and attendance at other mosques increased by 28 percent, according the report.

According to the Islamic society, the mosque serves more than 10,000 Muslims annually, about 6,000 of whom are converts.

The report also noted that the St. Augustine Mosque of St Louis, which has been serving more than 20,000 worshippers since 1999, is not included because of its location in a suburb.

However, St. Cloud, Minnesota’s St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has been the most popular mosque in the U.S. for a decade, according a recent study by the National Center for Religion Research.

The mosque has a membership of around 1,000 people.

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