Why a ‘muslim mosque masloul’ has a new name


A “muslim” mosque masjloul in northern Turkey has been renamed after an imam.

In March, authorities announced the creation of the mosque in the city of Izmir in the southern province of Diyarbakir after the death of a local imam in March.

The imam, Ali al-Gazici, was killed in the village of Kucukli on March 3 when a vehicle ploughed into his car, killing him.

The new mosque, named after al-Ghazali, will be located on the edge of the village, on a hillside.

“The imams office will have a room for prayers and a courtyard with a stone wall, which is a very good spot for prayers,” Ibrahim Ergün, the mayor of the town, told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not just a mosque but also a mosque and a place for religious education, so we hope that people will go there,” he added.

In September, the state-run news agency said the new mosque was set to open in 2019, after the governor of the province of Izmit signed a law allowing the creation and establishment of mosques in the province.