Inside a mosque in the Philippines


Inside a house inside a mosque is an experience that can change your perspective on the world.

You’ll see the world in new ways.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the same world as when you’re inside the mosque.

Inside a Mosque The first thing that greets you is a metal gate.

There’s a metal door that leads to the mosque’s courtyard, which is lit by a red light.

Inside the mosque, there’s a large wooden platform with a canopy and a balcony that you can sit on.

The mosque also has an observation deck, and the roof is covered with metal panels.

A sign outside the mosque reads “Inside Mosque” and is surrounded by two tall wooden walls that are covered with plastic sheeting.

In front of the mosque is a large circular staircase.

This stairs leads up to the first floor, which houses the mosque itself.

Inside, the room has two windows, one on each side of the main room.

The first is on the left side of your view, and it’s very narrow.

It opens into a small room that looks like a church, with a big stained glass window.

It looks like the church would have been a large house, but it’s a little smaller than most houses in the city.

You can’t see the church because it’s built into the mountains.

It’s a beautiful place, but you’re not sure what it was.

The next door is a tiny little room, but inside is a little bit more crowded.

It is actually a small chapel with a large altar.

There are also two small windows on either side of it.

It can be a bit of a struggle to see into these rooms.

You’re constantly looking at the walls, but the lights are on and it doesn’t take long for you to see that they’re all covered in graffiti.

There is also a small door on the far right side of this room that leads out to a balcony overlooking the courtyard.

This room is also filled with graffiti.

The wall to your left of the balcony is decorated with small yellow stars that say “Welcome to Fort Worth Mosque.”

In the middle of the room is another large wooden door.

This door leads to a large room, with an observation table, a bench, and a metal table.

This is where the two people you met earlier are seated.

Behind the table, you see the ceiling is painted white.

Inside this room is a kitchen that’s very well-equipped.

You don’t see any mirrors, and you can see that the ceiling was painted white as well.

It feels like you’re sitting in the middle with a bunch of people who are having lunch in the kitchen.

But you’re actually sitting in a small space with just two chairs, one in the center of the table and one in a corner.

You hear the sound of people in the background, and there’s only one person in the room.

Behind these chairs is another table, where you can read a Bible or read a Quran.

The floor in the other corner is covered in a white sheet.

In this room, you can find a table with a metal chair, a coffee table, and another chair that is also covered in white.

It seems like you could just sit here and eat some food, but your eyes immediately focus on the white table.

The table itself is made of hardwood.

You notice the table is covered by white paint.

When you look up at the ceiling, you notice that there are two other white paint chips, but they’re hidden behind the two other chairs.

You know you’re in a mosque when you notice a white flag.

You’ve never seen a flag before.

But in a way, it’s familiar.

When I was a child, I’d see a white dot on a white background on the ceiling of a building in New York City, and I thought that was a flag.

When people in other cities see a flag, they assume it’s some kind of religious symbol, but when you see a mosque flag, it seems very different.

When the flag was first raised in the 1980s, it was just a white rectangle with a white star on it.

The Islamic community in Fort Worth knew this flag was a symbol of peace, and they called it the “flag of peace.”

Today, it has a white outline and a blue border.

You also notice that the white flag is surrounded on all sides by a yellow border.

It reminds me of the colors that come up on the flag of Israel, the country that we’re from.

Inside Fort Worth’s Mosque, you’re welcome to sit in the front, but only if you’re wearing a headscarf.

You should only sit in this chair if you have a beard or you’re a Muslim.

There was a time when you could sit on the floor with your head down.

But now, you have to walk around with your feet planted on the ground.

You may be asked to leave if you want

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