Shirley Gate mosque is coming to Australia


A Spanish mosque in Sydney’s inner west is planning to open a mosque in Melbourne in the coming weeks.

The Islamic Center of the Greater Sydney mosque will be the third mosque to open in Australia.

The other two are in Melbourne’s west and south.

The new mosque, which will be located in Shirleys Gate, will be called the Islamic Center Islamic Centre of the West and will be about 50 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD.

The building will be fully enclosed, with a separate prayer room, a mosque-like room and a separate Islamic education centre.

The mosque will have a large courtyard and a pavilion.

Shirly Gate Mosque spokeswoman, Shariya Azzoura, said the building will include a small garden with flower beds and landscaping.

The centre will also have a sports and fitness centre, a fitness centre with a fitness room, and a gymnasium.

She said the centre will have its own café and will offer an open space to allow people to sit in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

She says the mosque is a welcoming and respectful space for worshippers and that people will feel welcome.

The Mosque and School Centre is a Muslim school with a curriculum on the Koran and the Holy Quran.

A spokesperson for the school said the school was “delighted” to be a partner in opening the mosque.

Shariyya Azza, a spokesperson for Shariyah Azzoula Islamic Centre, said it was a “positive step for us and a positive experience for our students”.

The mosque’s website says the Islamic centre has been operating for about 15 years and was founded in 2008.

“Shirley Gates is the site of a Muslim community, a centre of learning and worship for Muslim youth in the inner west of Sydney,” the site says.

The center has an estimated 50 to 60 children in its classes.