Why does Paris mosque want to build a mosque in Morocco?

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In May 2017, a French mosque in the Moroccan capital of Rabat had plans to build an Islamic center.

It was to serve Muslims from Morocco, Morocco, the French Republic, Algeria and Mali, among others.

It also wanted to expand its reach to France’s north and east.

But the project fell through.

The mosque’s director, Ziyad Fathi, said the plan to build the mosque in Rabat was not the best of ideas and that it would not serve the needs of the Moroccan people.

“It’s a project that will not be able to fulfill the needs and the aspirations of the French people,” Fathi said in an interview with France Info, the national news agency of France.

Fathi was referring to the Muslim community in Morocco’s northern and eastern regions, who have been targeted by terrorism.

In 2016, a gunman killed at least 19 people and injured dozens more in the capital of Amara.

A few months later, in December 2016, three young men, including an imam, were murdered by a gunman at a mosque frequented by young Muslims.

The Islamic Center of Paris, or CCP, which is housed in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fadi, a well-known Moroccan television personality and a vocal critic of the country’s government, said he believes that the project’s backers were motivated by a desire to establish an Islamic centre in Morocco.

He said that they were not just looking to build mosques in the northern and southern regions of the Republic of Morocco, but also in Algeria, which has one of the highest Muslim populations in the world.

“This mosque is a Muslim center and the people are very religious,” he told France Info.

“They believe that the religion of Islam should be practiced in this country.”

Fadi said the project would be open to any Moroccan who wants to practice Islam.

“A mosque is not a mosque,” he said.

“There is no religion inside it.

We will open it for Muslims who want to live in this republic, but we won’t let anyone worship in it.”

He added that the mosque’s owners were not planning to offer free classes for students to help them learn the Islamic religion.

“The mosque is just a building,” he explained.

“We are not trying to open a mosque.”

Fathi is not the only one who believes that building a mosque would not help Morocco’s Muslim population.

In a recent interview with French TV station TF1, the director of a Moroccan mosque told the French news agency AFP that he believes a mosque does not help Muslims.

“Why do we need a mosque if we already have the most mosques?” he asked.

“And why do we want to make a mosque when there are already many mosques?”

Fathi added that he believed the mosque would also harm Morocco’s religious minorities.

“When we talk about the need for a mosque, we do not mention that there are a lot of Muslims in Morocco,” he stated.

“But what we are saying is that it is not necessary to build it in a way that will make Muslims happy.”

The mosque, located in the Rabat suburb of Rifadin, is the largest mosque in Europe.

It is not uncommon for mosques to offer classes in Islamic teachings.

But Fathi claimed that it was not only the mosque that was being used to serve the Islamic community.

He added: “The Moroccan people are more religious than the Muslims in France.”

The Ritz Hotel is the latest hotel in France to close its doors to Muslim guests.

In May 2018, the hotel announced that it had closed its doors and that a new hotel was to be built in Paris’ old French Quarter.

But in an earlier statement, the company said that it has always had “open doors” to Muslims.

In an interview to TF1 in 2018, Fathi suggested that the reasons behind the closure were not religious, but economic.

“To get rid of this building is not in the interest of the Muslims, but because the building will cause more problems for them,” he added.

In the interview, Fadi also suggested that France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who is also a member of the European Parliament, should consider closing mosques.

“Cazeneveux, who has been working for years to open the doors to Muslims, needs to look into this issue, which affects his own party, and open up a debate,” Fadi told TF1.

Fidi also argued that the CCP was using the mosque to spread its Islamophobic agenda.

“That is why we have to stop their propaganda, because it has a big impact on the Muslims,” he argued.

“I think that it’s a disgrace that these people are spreading Islamophobia.”

Fadik Abubakar, a Muslim leader in the European parliament, has called for an investigation into the mosque project.

“No mosque can serve a more urgent purpose than to promote Islam