‘They’ve been trying to take us out’


North Philadelphia mosque has been targeted by a group of masked men who vandalized its walls, smashed windows and kicked in doors to attack worshippers.

The mosque’s owner said Wednesday that the attackers, some wearing masks and armed with baseball bats, left their car and attacked his mosque, which is in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of Park Avenue and Chestnut Street.

The masked men knocked on the mosque’s door before smashing the front door and windows, the mosque said in a statement.

One of the attackers fled in a vehicle and was later arrested by police.

The attackers have left behind a note saying “We came to destroy our religion,” according to the mosque, the Islamic Society of North Philadelphia.

“The mosque will continue to serve the community as it has since its founding, and we will continue our work of bringing justice to the perpetrators of this crime,” the mosque added.

The Islamic Society has been the target of at least one other vandalism and attack in the past.

It was damaged in the spring of 2016 in a firebombing at its home.

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