Why is the mosque in the village of Djingueres on fire?


The village of the name of Imam Danguerebers Mosque is a peaceful place.

It’s also where the Imam Dangs of the village is buried.

Imam Dangeres mosque, located in the mountainous region of Guadalajara, is located in a valley that sits near the border of Mexico and Texas.

Imam Omar Dangues is the founder of Imam Omar Mosque, which was established in 1872 by Imam Omar and his family in the Guadalcanal Valley.

Imam Ibrahim Dangenes and his wife Miriam were among the first Muslim immigrants to Mexico.

The couple immigrated to the United States in 1884, and the Danghes’ children have been the residents of Guadeloupe since 1894.

The village of Guadagno, which sits on the border between Texas and Mexico, is a part of Mexico.

On May 3, 2017, the village burned down due to the intense heat and wind.

The village was set ablaze by a large group of people, and some of them were injured.

In Guadago, Guadalaguans live in tents in the mountains, and they are protected by the local government.

On Friday morning, a large crowd of people gathered outside the mosque.

They were protesting against the destruction of the mosque, and for the protection of the Imam Omar.

Imam Mohammad Dangene, the mosque’s imam, called the arsonists to leave the village.

In a statement on Twitter, the Imam said that his mosque was not destroyed and that he was thankful for the law enforcement agencies that responded to the fire.

He thanked the Guadags and all the people who participated in the investigation.

Imam Miriam Dangerere, the imam’s wife, posted a picture on her Twitter account of the charred mosque with the caption, “The mosque burns.

Thank God.”

On May 10, the police arrived and asked the people to leave.

The villagers were ordered to leave and no one was allowed to stay in the area.

The police also said that they will take care of the damage caused by the fire and the damages caused by arson.

The mosque will be demolished and rebuilt in a safe place.

According to the Imam, they will not demolish the mosque unless the destruction is stopped.

He said that he is not a lawyer, and he cannot ask for any compensation for the damage that was done to the mosque by arsonists.

“The destruction of my mosque is not an accident.

It is an act of aggression.

This is an attack against my faith, the dignity of my people, the faith of my Imam, and on all Muslims everywhere,” the Imam added.

The Imam has not commented on what he will do next.

In the wake of the fire, the Guadelaguans called for the formation of an emergency government in the province.

The Guadaganas government responded by calling on the National Assembly of Mexico to create an emergency cabinet.

This cabinet would take the necessary measures to protect the people of Guadas-Omar, the municipality and the religious order of the area and to provide protection to the Muslims in the villages of Guados-Omara and Guadalacamana.

The minister of justice, the secretary of justice and of the Ministry of Defense, and other government officials are also being asked to take the decision on the formation or formation of the emergency cabinet in the coming days.

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