When Imam Ali Mosque in Queens is a mosque, it is a sanctuary


Ali Mosque, Queens, New York (MNT) — When Imam Ali mosque in Queens was founded in 1848, it was the first mosque in New York City.

Today, it serves as a sanctuary for more than 6,000 Muslims, many of whom are refugees from the Middle East.

The mosque has been hosting the community for more of its existence than any other mosque in the city.

Imam Ali was born in New Jersey and raised in Queens.

His mosque in 1864 was the only one of its kind in the United States.

Today the mosque hosts about 400 congregants from across the world, many who come to the community because of its unique mission.

When it comes to being a mosque in this time of national and international concern, Imam Ali is one of the few places that the community is not afraid to stand up and affirm our identity as Muslims.

In fact, Imam Shamsuddin Ali said, the most important part of the day at the mosque is to be in the presence of our community, especially in the mornings when we are praying.

The Imam said, “As Muslims, we are one family.

We all pray at the same place.

We are united in one community.”

Imam Ali also noted that his mosque was one of many mosques in New England that was not always a sanctuary, because the government had to close mosques to be open for the day.

Imam Ali Mosque serves as an example for the people of New York, said Dr. Ahmed El-Nasser, Imam of Imam Ali.

“When you see our faces, you know that we are here for a reason,” he said.

While the community may not be visible at all times, Imam El-Kawara said, we know our community well and have built our community.

“I want to say thank you to the people here for all the sacrifices that you make,” Imam ElKawarasaid.

He said, that we need to keep our eyes open for more opportunities and the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Islam and to learn about the religion of peace and tolerance, which Imam Ali helped to bring to New York.

“We want to make New York proud,” he added.