The pearl mosque: the Islamic world’s oldest mosque


New Scientist is running a special online edition of its monthly magazine called The Pearl Mosque, in honour of the International Day of the World’s Religions on September 4th.

The edition will include articles on Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, and feature the work of renowned British archaeologist, Alan Lomax, who has been a pioneer in the field of archaeology.

The first edition of The Peardom was published in June 2000.

This week’s edition will feature a new edition of Lomak’s classic book The Geography of Religiosity, published in 1997.

Lomask is a pioneer of modern ethnography in his field, analysing religious history and geography through the lens of modern archaeological techniques.

Lomak is currently working on a new book on the geographies of religions, The Geographies of Religion: Religion, Religion, and Geography.

This article is part of the special online section on The Pearl Mosque, featuring stories from the world’s leading archaeology, science and humanities writers and experts.

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